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October 2023 Newsletter.png

The youth group at Park UMC is excited to welcome the month of October

as we continue our Fall Semester of Sunday School!

    In September, we began the school year by “welcoming the Sabbath,” and learning about how to honor God by trading our earthly routines for holy rhythms that draw us into a relationship with God.

    In October, we are studying the topic of baptism! Since October is the beginning of the first class, this is a great opportunity for new students, in grades six through nine, to join our Sunday School group! In this class, students will be able to deepen their understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism as well as reclaim the promises of being baptized members of the Body of Christ. This will be done through class lessons, fun games, group activities, reading the Bible, and even viewing a few short movies. (And, of course, there will be lots of snacks along the way!) And, don’t forget, there are prizes as well, so be sure to bring your Bibles and ask about our “Bible Bucks!” We hope to see you here as we grow together in our knowledge and relationship with Jesus Christ.

    October is also the month of our first youth field trip! While the Sunday School class is only offered for students in grades six through nine, our field trips are unique in that they are open to all of our students in both middle school and high school. This month, we are traveling to Edinboro’s Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm to enjoy their Fall Festivities! The festivities include a massive corn maze, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, and lots of tasty Fall treats. Adult volunteers are also welcome and encouraged to come and join in on the fun! Our youth group is pleased to be able to cover all of the expenses of the trip, so lace up an old pair of shoes, put new batteries in your flashlight, and come experience the Fall fun!

    Grace and peace,

          Aydin Zill

          Park UMC Youth Director

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