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Welcome to Encounter!  We want to see you here!

Encounter is the student ministry for youth in grades 6-12.  

Our typical meeting schedule is every Sunday from 6 pm- 8 pm 

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For more information and to learn more about our current meeting schedule, please contact us: OR
(814) 725-4105
Mission Statement

Encounter Ministry exists to provide an atmosphere of Christian

discipleship and Christ-centered fellowship where youth will be able to encounter the person of Jesus Christ and become equipped with the spiritual tools and knowledge to pursue a lifelong relationship with Jesus.

What to Expect

Following the Mission Statement of Encounter Ministry, a typical youth

meeting will follow a general outline which consists of fellowship, worship, spiritual lessons and tools, and discipleship. This is done in a casual atmosphere that balances excitement and fun, with meaningful spiritual learning. No matter where you are in your journey with Christ, or if you have yet to begin your journey, this ministry is committed to being an open place where youth can come to encounter Jesus. All are welcome here!

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What is Matthew 18:20?

Today, and indeed throughout human history, many people struggle to experience a relationship with God and to be aware of His presence in their lives.  Quite often, this is especially the case for many of today’s young people as they begin to navigate an increasingly modern and fast-paced world.  And so, a question arises: “Is God actually here with us?”  To answer this question, Encounter Ministry has elected Matthew 18:20 to be its guiding verse.  According to Matthew 18:20, Jesus says, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  In light of this passage, it becomes apparent that Jesus’ followers are given a promise that He will indeed be present to them.  And so, the question, “Is God here with us” is actually the wrong question to ask.  He has already promised to be with us.  A better question is: “Are we gathering together in His name and actually encountering His presence?”  Thus, Matthew 18:20 is the guiding verse and foundation for Encounter Ministry.  We seek to gather together in the name of Jesus Christ with the promise that Jesus will be here with us!  

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